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Hear what some others have had to say about Fervr.

Christian teens

J (14 years old, Sydney)

I thank God for the way He's using you guys in such a New Age way that really connects with youth like me who spend too much time on the Internet. But honestly, reading articles that are interesting, helpful and make me think things through is so much better than Facebook, fan-fiction or things like that. So a really big thankyou from me!

T (17 years old, Texas)

I thank God for you guys. Your website is so amazing and such a big help to me and my friends on understanding so many things about God, His word, our situations and different things in our lives.


Steve Kryger (Founder, Communicate Jesus):


I'm a big fan of Fervr. It is a website that I frequently recommend when I'm speaking at schools and churches about safe, quality places for youth to visit online. The articles are short, readable and very relevant, and speak truth into the lives of today's youth. It's the best website for youth in Australia and right up there with similar sites around the world.

Joel Moroney (Writer, Pop Culture Christ):

It's so hard to find things online that I would be comfortable pointing the youth at my church to. I want them to be part of the larger Christian community and think about their faith throughout the entire week, not just on a Sunday. The very idea of Fervr is something that gets me excited: a place where Christian young people can go online to find quality stuff that's written for teens. Here, in one place, you have a bucket-load of great articles, videos and more. All of them appropriate for teenagers. And all of them that treat God's Word and living God's way seriously.

Dave Miers (Youth Pastor, DaveMiers.com + soulies.net):

Young punks spend stacks of time online. We need to keep flooding the Internet with good stuff that will encourage young Christians and challenge other young crew to follow Jesus. I know of no other youth website that does this better than Fervr. I love the fresh content and the fresh design. Winning.