Which college is right for you? Free 18-page guide

Searching for Christian Colleges? These tips might help…

How to choose the right Christian College for you

Choosing the right college is an important decision — but you don’t have to be overwhelmed! That’s why we partnered with one of the country’s leading Christian colleges to create this free Guidebook that offers a unique insider’s view on: What to consider when choosing your major How the admissions process works Where and how […]

5 key ways to prepare for life at Christian college

For most students, heading away to college is the first time they’ve lived out of home. And getting ready for that change can be really scary! But adjusting to independent life doesn’t have to be too hard. Check out these tips for preparing to move away to college. Solidify your relationship with God If you’re […]

5 habits that will make your Christian College experience awesome

After the strict timetables and adult supervision of high school, adjusting to the freedom of the routine at college can be a challenge. But if you’re going to a Christian college, there are some things that will help to make it easier for you to transition well to living at college. Check out these tips […]

How Christian College roommates can support each other

So you’re heading off to a Christian college – how exciting! But you’re probably nervous about meeting your roommate for the first time. That’s understandable. You’re probably just really hoping you get on well! Here are some great ideas to start off on the right foot with your roommate, and build a strong and sustainable […]

Visiting a Christian college? Look out for these 7 things

If you’re a Christian trying to pick a college, you might be wondering what you should be looking out for on your campus visits. How can you figure out which Christian college will suit you best? Here are a few things you should look out for: Do the students interact well with each other? Whatever […]

Why choose a Christian college?

When you’re finishing school and considering which college to go, you might be wondering if a Christian college is a good option. Well, if you’re a Christian (or even if you’re not!), there are many reasons to consider a Christian college for your tertiary education. Here are a few reasons: Values in the classroom If […]