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Why advertise on Fervr?

  1. Reach Christian youth and leaders - ranks #1 on Google for Christian teens and is a leading destination for young Christians, students, youth leaders and ministry staff.
  2. Associate with excellence - Fervr’s not just a pretty site, it’s been recognised internationally for excellence in web design, usability and accessibility. Your brand will be in good company.
  3. Maximise your message - Whether through an ad or article, we’ll work closely with you to craft creative content that’s relevant, engaging and thought- provoking for youth. We know what works, what doesn’t, and will execute accordingly.
  4. Amplify your reach - Fervr is made to be shared. We’ll add fuel to the fire by tweeting, liking and posting about your campaign to our online community including Facebook and Twitter.

What are the options?

  • Display advertising
  • Sponsored content
  • Social media partnerships
  • Product giveaways and contests
  • Customised long and short-term campaigns

Find out more

  • For enquiries related to advertising or sponsorship, please contact and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
  • We’ll recommend the best strategy to get your message across to our readers, whether in the form of an ad, an article or both
  • Pease note: to maintain our high standards for content, design and usability, we accept a number of campaigns each year and with artwork or messaging that is suited to our target audience.