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Steve Wakeford

Patricia has written about teenagers and sex in the most confronting and un-ignorable way possible. Biblically, it’s spot on.  Emotionally, it’s about as raw as it gets.  Forgiveness and mercy are all through Patricia’s work—no matter how dark it gets, there's always the light of the cross and a fresh start.

If you’re a teenager, all that sex stuff you think about and your mates talk about—the stuff you think no one else knows—it’s all in here. And there’s plenty more you haven’t thought about yet.  This book will open your eyes to exactly what God was thinking when he made you—you’re not an accident. And God knew what he was doing when he designed sex to be in marriage. You think sex is great, and it is—it's flippin' fantastic!  But only when we enjoy it in the context God created it for: marriage.  Anywhere else it's a disaster.   

Every youth pastor should read this book: half of us don’t know what our youth group kids are up to but Patricia does … and it’s horrifying. We have to speak about sex roughly 10 times more often than most of us have the courage to.  If you’re struggling to get a handle on how to talk about this issue, this is the book for you. Patricia cuts to the chase and just tells it like it is. I wish this book was around when I was 15!

So, you’re a parent of a teenager?  You have to read this book because this will give you a glimpse into your teenager’s life that you probably wouldn’t otherwise see. It’s not like the 80s folks: things have changed rather a lot and it’s frightening! But our teens desperately need us to be able to talk to them about sex, and my guess is that we’re having 1980’s conversations in 2012.  That’s just not going to work.

Steve Wakeford,
Assistant Minister Menai Anglican Church and Chairman of KYCK.

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