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Will It Blend?

Does your favourite stuff pass the Blendtec test?

Have you seen these classic commercials on Youtube for Blendtec Blenders. Tom Dickson proves that the Blendtec Blender can blend just about anything; an iphone, Wii, golf ball, baseball, rubiks cube, nikes, a can of coke, Halo 3, Hockey Pucks. You name it, the Blendtec blender can blend it (check it out under, "Will it blend").

Seems that most things in this world blend. Most things in this world don't last. And yet most people in this world live for stuff that doesn't last; stuff that blends. Most people pour most of their time, thoughts, energy and cash into stuff that blends. Which is kinda dumb, right!

The Bible is always calling us to be wise and to live for stuff that lasts. The book of 1 Peter contrasts lost of stuff that blends with stuff that doesn't blend.

We Christians have an inheritance that will never perish spoil or fade (1Pet 1:4).

Our faith in Christ is of greater worth that gold, which perishes (1Pet 1:7).

Christ's blood is more precious than silver and gold, which perishes (1Pet 1:18-19).

We have been born again, not of perishable seed, but imperishable (1Pet 1:23).

We have the Glorious Word of God which lives, endures and stands forever; not like to glory of men which withers and falls like grass (1Pet 1:23b-24).

We have been called by God's grace into God's eternal glory (1Pet 5:10).

If you are living for stuff that blends, you are wasting your time and you are wasting your life. And, more importantly, you are not glorifying God. We have a never perishing, never spoiling, never fading, eternal, glorious inheritance awaiting us. Christ's (more precious than silver and gold) blood and his death defeating resurrection has given us this new birth into a new life with real, living hope.

So pour your time, thoughts, energy and cash into stuff that lasts, not stuff that blends!

And remember,

"Only one life,
'Twill soon be past;
Only what's done
for Christ will last."

What are you living for? Will it blend?