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Why me?

It's the question we ask when things go wrong. Why not ask it when things go right?

Last week we celebrated Christmas. Part of the story tells of how the angels came to the shepherds to tell them that a savior was born in the City of David.

If I was one of those shepherds I would have been asking, 'Why me?' Out of all the shepherds and other people, why me?

And that is what Christmas is all about. Answering that question. 'Why me, God?'

If the wages of sin is death, then that’s what I’ve earned. I have not earned a front row seat at the birth of the King! But yet I have heard about him. I do know him. And forever he will know me.

So ... why me?

This is a great question. It takes the emphasis off of us.

Asking the wrong way

A couple of months ago I made plans to see my family (Mom, Rachel and Uncle Chris) in Savannah, GA. The day before I was to drive out there, I remembered that it was about time for an oil change. So I woke up early, went down the street to a machanic and got my oil changed. Then, I left for Savannah.

About thirty minutes down the road my car started making noises like a wounded farm animal, smoking and refusing to accelerate. I had to get towed back to Greenville. When I confronted the gentleman who had worked on my car he told me that it could in no way have been his service. I took my car down the street, picked up a loaner and spent the day at home.

Of course, I was asking ... WHY ME?

Asking the right way

'Why me?' is a good question, but maybe I was asking it the wrong way.

I could have been asking, “Why do I get family to visit? Why do I get a car? Why do I get Saturdays off?”

The same thing goes for those of us who have heard of and believed in Christ.

As Christians, we shouldn't simply ask “Why do I have to live morally, be considered a hater for my beliefs, get up early and serve others on Sunday?” But, we should ask “Why do I get God, truth, eternal life, grace, mercy, power, and sanctification?”

And the answer of course is that we are chosen not because of anything we have done, but simply by God's grace.

We’re fortunate. We’re blessed. We know God. As we begin the new year, make sure you are asking 'why me?', then give thanks for God's great gift in Jesus.