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Praying for the world cup

It's all about winning... people for Jesus

I used to worship soccer. That’s dumb. Worshipping soccer is as foolish as worshipping a scarecrow in a cucumber field. I’ve been getting fairly excited about the 2010 World Cup. Almost too excited! To help keep things in perspective I make it my aim to pray for both countries at half-time of each game I watch. The World Cup is an opportunity to learn about 32 different countries and work out how to best pray for them.

1. If you’re a Christian. Here’s some ideas for prayer during the World Cup:

2. At half time. Pray for both teams. Don’t pray for one team to win, pray for stuff that matters in the big picture of eternity.

3. If you’re on twitter use this hashtag #Praying4WorldCup to share what you’re praying for and encourage others to pray with you.

4. Spend some time on Wikipedia learning about the countries.

5. If you have Operation World, keep it near the TV.

6. Check out The Joshua Project for stats on unreached people groups in the world.

7. If you know missionaries or some of the needs in any of the countries, share them in the comments below.

8. Check out the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students website