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Got a mission idea? This grant could make it a reality.

Find out more about a rare opportunity to make your missional dreams come true.

At one time or another, lots of us have thought about ideas that could help grow God's kingdom. Maybe you'd like to record your own CD of Christian music, do a course at a Bible College, help out at an AIDS orphanage, visit your Sponsored child, or reach out to the least and the lost.

Whatever your vision is, the problem is usually getting enough money to make it happen.

Because Fervr readers are a pretty creative crowd, we thought this idea would get many of you excited. Mission Travel Group are offering Giving Back Grants - $100,000 in funding, and 14 grant opportunities to take the missional heart that God's given you and use it!

The different grants available include:

  • Bible College Scholarship
  • Gap Year experience for those finishing High School (application must be via a smartphone video)
  • A trip to the Holy Land for your pastor. 

So few grants exist solely for Christian missional work but this is your chance, and it's Mission Travel's way of empowering you to evangelise throughout God's amazing Kingdom, by using your talents to share the gospel with others.

Check out for the grant application, faqs, and to meet the winners from the 2010 campaign. Then LIKE Mission Travel on Facebook to read regular hints, tips and updates.

The advice from Lisa Tarzia, Director of Mission Travel is "share your passion, explain how you will give back to the kingdom, and how your funding will share the power of the gospel".

Grants can be uploaded from 2 October, and applications close the 25th October.

Click here to apply.

Note: Mission Travel is an Australian organisation, and mostly funds Australian projects. However, if your project is overseas, you can get an Aussie mate or supporter to nominate for you!