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Five things to remember during finals week

For many, the end of the year brings exams and stress. Here's how to get through it.

A paper here. A paper there. A quiz, a presentation, an exam, and an extra credit assignment that I want to do but probably won’t have time to do.

For many of us, finals week has arrived.

Maybe you don’t have six tests, but you probably have several assignments due all at one time. I feel ya. I definitely feel the pressure to do well during the final days of the semester. But how can I do well on everything when I have so much to do?

Balance should play a major part in the life of every student—especially during finals week. It is crucial that you keep a few things in mind during your last few days:

1. Trust God

Even though school may seem insignificant compared to world hunger, war, and flooding, it isn’t. Because God cares about you, He cares about your math final and your research paper and your history homework. He is watching as you struggle through calculus and chemistry. Pray for peace and for strength and wisdom. Don’t try to go through this alone because it will just end up in a mess.

2. You’re not going to die

You'll get through this. I know you feel stressed out, but your life is not over. Even if you get a low grade on an assignment or in a class, the world is not over. Don’t blow a paper, test, presentation, or class out of proportion.

3. Do your best

I don’t mean this in the vague and hopeful kind of way people always say it. I mean it in the real way. The do-able way. The way where you don’t work yourself to death. Life is too short and too valuable to spend it all studying. Work hard, study, do your homework, don’t be afraid to ask for help, and try to comprehend the material. Doing your best means putting in the effort and trying to succeed. (You won’t succeed every time, by the way.)

4. You will make mistakes

You might fail an assignment or may even fail a class. It doesn’t mean you’re a failure; it just means you’re human. You can’t get an A+ on every assignment. If you do your best (meaning, you make an effort to succeed), be happy with whatever grade you get and work hard again next time.

5. There is an appointed time for everything... 

And there is a time for every event under heaven. (Ecclesiastes 3:1).

Right now, it's your time to be a student. Try to enjoy this season of life because even finals week is a gift from God. Maybe He’s trying to teach you a lesson or help you grow. Watch what He’s doing and make this season count.

I promise you’re going to get through this. Don’t view the last few days of this semester as a panic attack but as a victory. Unfortunately, I can’t promise that you’ll ace every final; but if you do your best and make an effort to succeed, I know God will be pleased.