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Embrace your identity as a child of God

Don't reject who you are - step into the life you were created for!

The facts of life

What’s your identity? To answer this question many descriptors might pop up in your head. Some may include your nationality, ethnicity, job title, economic status, marital status, or even educational level, just to name a few. The fact is we are all of those things. But the greater truth is that as believers, we are children of God – the creator of the universe.

The reason why I classify descriptions such as your nationality and martial status as facts is because facts can change. For example, your educational level is a factor that has changed since you were a youth. Nationality isn’t a fixed notion either. Our nationality is based on man’s labeling of borders and countries. Think of the fact that most of Texas used to be Mexico and the country of Israel was only created in the late 1940’s. As humans, we create facts based on our current understanding and interpretation of data. When we receive new data, our facts change.

The truth of life

Now that we’ve discussed the facts, I would like to talk about something a bit more important – the truth. I want to propose an idea that you probably haven’t heard before. When pondering your identity, consider the following statement. You can’t change who you are, so embrace it. When I say that you can’t change who you are I’m not talking about the facts of your life that I mentioned earlier. Your hobbies, how much money you have or don’t have, those are all changeable. I’m referring to your identity as the beloved of God our savior. When you come to the realisation that as a believer and follower of Christ your position as his redeemed and beloved is eternally fixed, your whole mindset will change. As Christians we must fully accept and embrace our identity lest we lose out on all that God has prepared for us.

Let me clarify my idea. If your parents are wealthy, I mean really, really wealthy and they come to pick you up from school in a helicopter, you will have either of two reactions. One reaction is to be embarrassed because most other kids don’t get picked up that way. Another reaction is to be accepting of the ride home because you accept your lifestyle. Rejecting the helicopter ride doesn’t make the parents feel proud of your humility; it makes them feel as though you are ashamed of who you are.

Don’t reject who you are

Why did I use that example? I used that example to show how most Christians don’t fully embrace all that is given to them. Since you can’t change who you are, don’t be ashamed to tell people about the joys and benefits of being a child of the King. Tell them your Father loves you unconditionally, died for you to have an abundant life, empowers you to do right and keeps you on the right path. For some people this is boastful, but ignore them. For too long we as Christians have avoided riding home in the helicopter because we want to appear humble. Think about it though, the helicopter ride or any other wonderful gifts you receive from your Father are ways of showing his love for you. Decide that starting today you will accept the plans that God has for you. He wants to bless you, to give you eternal life, eternal love and eternal access to him.

I am a beloved child of the King

You are who you are – a beloved child of God. You are not your temporary identities of this world, your false ideas, your weaknesses, or your fears. All of those are things you can experience, but are not a truth of who you are. You are not a failure because that can be changed. You are not an addict because that can be altered. You are not a reject because that too can be changed. Don’t focus on who or what you aren’t. Focus on who you are and it will take you closer to God and further in life. You are His child and that is not changeable.