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Do you enjoy God?

Finding the secret to a joyful life

I read a quote in a book the other day that said, “We glorify what we enjoy the most.”  This kinda makes sense. When we enjoy something or someone we make a lot of it, we value it and we treat it well. This is what God wants his creation to do; make much of Him, value Him and treat Him well. For God is worthy of all our glory (Rev 4:11). 

So the question for you is, do you enjoy God? Sadly, the answer is usually no. We fail to enjoy God like we should, and the Bible calls this sin. We tend to enjoy everything but God, as we enjoy things that are created, rather than the creator. Which doesn’t make much sense, does it.

But fortunately for us, God is a forgiving God, and He has promised to forgive all those who turn to Jesus with faith and repentance. This is what the death and resurrection of Jesus is all about; Jesus taking the punishment for our failure to enjoy God as we should. And so now, as forgiven, redeemed, cleansed, adopted children of God, our job as Christians is to enjoy God, and so glorify God, for the rest of our days.

So make much of God, value God and treat God well. And do you know what is really cool, the more you enjoy God, the more you enjoy life.