Why is there suffering if God loves us?

Why is there suffering if God loves us?

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If God loves us so much why is there so much suffering in the world and innocent people getting killed by natural disasters and terrorist attacks.

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To view suffering in this world as the indicator of God’s lack of love for the innocent is one of the greatest fallacies that people are led to believe. The Bible says there is no one who is innocent (Rom 3:23)!

The assertion “If God loves us, then why do so many innocent people suffer ?” is a lie because it assumes that suffering is the real problem of the human dilemma. Can I reassure it’s not!

Pain and suffering are reminders that we live in a broken world and we aren’t home yet. It wasn’t meant to be like this. We are reaping the consequences of ignoring God.

But out of His love, God continues to call out to the world, “I want to save you because I love you. Listen to me there is a deeper problem: you are ignoring Me and trying to live independently from Me”.

Secondly, I believe we can define love in the wrong way, and associate wrong expectations in line with that definition. If we define love as “an end to all suffering”, then you’re right God is not love. But if we look at the real definition of love as defined in the Bible, then suffering will happen.

Did you know Jesus Christ, who is God, unjustly suffered? The Bible says, “Christ died for us while we were yet his enemies, and that is proof of God’s love for us” (Rom 5:8).

Jesus Christ dealt with the core issue, sin, which separates us from Him, so that we can become part of His family in heaven. He was willing to die in our place for the punishment we deserve for our rebellion. Now that’s love.

Nowhere does the Bible say that we will not suffer in this life (I am yet to find it). But the Bible reassures us to trust God and watch Him use suffering to heal lives.

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