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Top 12 mobile apps and resources for Christians: 7-12

More great applications and software for Christians

7. Pocket Prayer

This app isn’t so much for daily prayer, but for when you just don’t know what to ask in a particular situation. I can’t speak to the faithfulness of every prayer in this app because I haven’t read every single one, but each prayer is accompanied by the verse that it is based on, which might help you to find helpful passages to seek God’s wisdom on particular issues.

8. Note taking apps

I saw a couple of apps on the iTunes App Store that were for taking prayer notes and remembering prayer points, but they looked a little cheesy and possibly restrictive. I thought, why not find a good note taker and use that? These note taking apps, might suit you for taking bible reading notes as well as prayer notes.


The Notes app that comes with your phone can be pretty handy. There’s no formatting options, nor syncing/transfer options, but if you don’t need those, then go for it!

Awesome Note

Awesome Note is not only beautiful, with a variety of background themes, but it is packed with handy features. You can insertphotos, sync with Google Docs to backup and access from other computers, password protect specified folders as well as PIN protect the app to make sure sensitive prayer points remain private.

Awesome Note is $4.99 for the full version, or there is a free “Lite” version, which is fully featured, but only allows up to 7 notes (not a problem if you keep all your prayer points in one note, or split them into a few categories).


If Awesome Note feels like a stretch in the app budget, or you prefer something simpler, but Notes doesn’t float your boat, perhaps Simplenote is for you. It has a variety of backup and syncing options and has a very simple, clean interface. There is no password protection on the app, but if you feel privacy is a concern, you could PIN protect your whole phone (or don’t give it to others to play with).


Somewhere in between Awesome Note and Simplenote is BigNotes. It is only $1.19 and has pasword and email support. The next version is also supposed to introduce other sync and backup solutions.

Podcasts and Sermons

If you haven’t tried using your iPhone to subscribe to podcasts or sermon feeds I highly recommend it! You might feel like you don’t have time to listen to 30 or 60 minutes of people talking, but the time that we have to listen can actually be significant: doing the dishes, cleaning, driving, supermarket shopping. Multi-tasking is excellent and broadening your bible knowledge and thinking about godliness at the same time is also excellent.

9. Desiring God resources

The Desiring God Resource Library is pretty amazing in its generosity. There are so many free resources, including sermons and conference messages. You can download them directly from the website and import them into iTunes as well as subscribe to sermon podcasts from the iTunes store.

10. Sermon podcasts

There are so many preachers with sermon feeds available, I couldn’t possibly recommend all the good ones (I’m sure there are great ones I’ve never heard of), and everyone has different preaching tastes. The following are some that I’m familiar with that you can look up on iTunes.”—- Philip Jensen’s sermons, mainly from St Andrew’s Cathedral

“Sydang:latest”—- the latest from

“CPX”—- comments, lectures and interviews from the Centre For Public Christianity.

11. Stanza

Stanza is a free ebook reading application with accompanying desktop application. It allows you to download free ebooks, buy some ebooks, and transfer books from the desktop application to the phone application. The desktop app is able to convert documents, including PDFs, for reading on the iPhone. There are loads of free PDF books from Desiring God to get you started.

12. Kindle

If you can’t find a book that you want to buy through the Stanza Stores, you might be able to find a Kindle version on Amazon, which you will be able to download straight to the Kindle iPhone app. The Kindle app works in almost the exact same way as the Stanza app, but it also gives you access to the new and popular books available on Amazon. There are loads of books on theology and Christian living on Amazon and if you find you don’t get much reading done because you don’t bring your books with you everywhere, try them on your iPhone.