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Will you stop running?

Lessons from the book of Jonah.

What is it that is stopping you take that next step?

What is that thing that you know you could do, perhaps ought to do, but the courage eludes you?

Who is that person or people you should speak?

What are you running from?

Jonah is a very powerful story in the Old Testament. God speaks to a man, asking him to go to the metropolis of Nineveh and speak to the people. Full of fear and unpersuaded Jonah flees in the opposite direction. Jonah boards a boat headed for Spain (basically as far away as he could get in the then known world). He wants nothing to do with God’s plan for him or the people of Nineveh.

What follows is chaos. A story of running away, causing others pain, regret, a change of heart and a God who never chases Jonah but who meets him in the storm, saving him and making it clear that he still has a plan for the person who does all they can to run away from God.

At Bath YFC, we created a film that retells the story in a new way to spark thought, encourage reflection and prompt action in the hearts and minds of those who watch it.

As you watch, ask yourself these questions….

  • What might God be saying to me?
  • Have I ever or am I now running away from something, someone, God?
  • What is the cause of that?
  • ‘God does not chase me but will meet me and save me in the storm.’ What is your reaction to that?
  • Am I prepared to stop running?
  • Will I return?