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Fervr’s top five (edible) Christmas gifts

Looking for the perfect present? These ideas might inspire you!

Christmas is just around the corner, and it’s time to start thinking about the perfect Christmas gifts for friends and family. Something special, useful and personalised, and preferably without costing the earth. Sounds too good to be true, right? Don’t worry, because we’ve done the hard work for you! These five Christmas presents tick all the boxes, and are sure to make mouths water. Best of all, you can add your own touch of love and creativity to make them as simple or as elaborate as you’d like. Merry Christmas!

1. Rocky road

Creamy chocolate filled with their favourite treats - what’s not to love?! Even if you’re a terrible baker, it’s hard to go wrong with rocky road. Simply cut up your choice of fillings, such as jelly lollies, nuts or marshmallows, and layer in a 3cm deep baking tin lined with baking paper. Cover with melted white, milk or dark fair-trade chocolate and pop it in the fridge to cool overnight. In the morning, roughly chop your rocky road into large chunky pieces and stack them in a colourful tin, or wrap in cellophane and tie with a bow. Voila! A tasty treat that can be teamed with your loved one’s favourite tea or coffee.

2. Windowsill herbs

Every aspiring master chef needs their own supply of fresh herbs, preferably perched on the kitchen windowsill where they will not only look fabulously quaint, but also fill the air with tantalising spicy aromas. From pretty white pots to rustic tin pails, there are so many gorgeous windowsill herb containers to choose from that you’re sure to find one that suits your loved one to a tee. The best herbs to choose are those that stay dense and compact, so opt for herbs like oregano, chives, basil, peppermint and lemon thyme. Pair your herbs with a cool windowsill watering can, and your loved one is all set to start cooking up a storm!

3. Cookie jar

Nothing says ‘family holiday’ quite so deliciously as the smell of freshly baked cookies wafting through the house. This Christmas, give your loved one a fun afternoon of baking, without any of the messy, hard work. To make your cookie jar, you first need to pick your favourite cookie recipe. (Hint:  chocolate-chip and macadamia nut are always a hit!) Measure and sift each dry ingredient and pour one on top of the other into a glass jar. Alternating between light and dark coloured ingredients will give your jar a quirky, layered effect. Once it’s full, simply seal and decorate with a festive ribbon. Remember to write the cooking instructions, and any extra ingredients they may need, on an attached gift tag. Your cookie jar will make the perfect present on its own, or teamed with some stylish bake ware.

4. Picnic hamper

Know someone who loves the outdoors? An afternoon in the park with family, meandering drives along the coast or long walks in the country? Well, we have the ideal companion for their travels: a picnic basket, packed to bursting with their favourite goodies! Picnic baskets come in all shapes and sizes: platted cane, padded fabric, wire framed and more. Once you’ve found the right basket, it’s simply a matter of collecting yummy treats, kitchenware, picnic rug, or whatever else you might like to include. It’s a Christmas present they’re sure to love and remember for years to come!

5. Veggie seeds

Why not get charitable this Christmas and make a real difference for a child living in poverty? After all, Christmas is the perfect time to show God’s love to others! For example, buy a 'Gift of Compassion', such as veggie seeds. Not only will you help give a child living in poverty a brighter future, but you also receive an adorable card for your loved one, so they know what was given on their behalf. Veggie seeds will give a family in a developing country the chance to grow their own food, to eat and sell at the market. And if you feel like getting creative, why not give your card with gardening tools or fresh produce from your local farmer’s market. You can buy veggie seeds for a family in need, as well as other life-changing gifts, by visiting www.giftsofcompassion.com.au