What’s the plan, Lord?

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Uncovering God’s purpose for your life.

What is God's purpose for your life?

This question has become somewhat of a ‘sacred cow’ in Christendom, almost to the point where it’s used comparatively: “Whats YOUR calling... My calling is BIG... I’m going to be a leader... I’m going to be a leader of leaders... I’m going to be famous and influential... I’m going to write songs... I’m called to travel the world...”

Then on the flip side: “what if I’m just called to stay here... what if God hasn’t chosen me for something special... I want to be significant...” 

CALM DOWN EVERYONE... haha! God’s “call” or plan for our lives isn’t something we can pick up at a prayer meeting or a conference. It’s not something we can get ‘more of’ or a ‘better one’ depending on our performance, purity or pedigree. We've turned it into an object, an item, a piece of clothing, a ‘something.’

A plan that's hard to find 

There are no seven steps to finding out what God has created you to do. There is no “set and forget” when it comes to the ‘call’ of God on your life. You can’t find Gods plan for your life like you would find a pen you’ve been looking for for ages... “Oh, there it is, in the back of my drawer, under that huge pile of stuff...”

There’s no one way to go about living your life and fulfilling God's plan. No particular calling is ‘higher’ or more special than the other. Every vocation is significant, especially if it is your's. We share this world with one-another, and I hope we all make it - whatever that looks for you - oozing faith, hope and love through our particular skill sets and personality traits as we go. Working hand in hand, not in competition but in relationship.

God’s ‘plan’ is a constant mystery; a beautiful, moving kaleidoscope - morphing, growing and changing as the years march on.

A plan that changes

And then, if it seems like we do get on to "something good” and we feel like we’re in our sweet spot, BAM! Life happens, and we may need to re-evaluate, start again, change paths, include someone new, say goodbye to someone loved. Life is short, and you get just one. So don’t waste time trying to figure it out, or comparing yourself to someone else, just go for it!

Prov 16:9 says, “In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps.” Whatever you do, do it with God. Make plans in your heart, step out in faith and seek Him. You dream, He establishes. Your heart, His direction.

A plan for you

Don’t hang back in fear, get going. Start living. Believe that what has been put within you by God, will somehow, someway, through many different seasons and in connection with all kinds of people, will carry the love of God into a starved world.

God’s plan has less to do with what we do, and much more to do with WHO we become - internal before external. It’s not about perceived success or perfection, but about letting Him work deep within us to bring His grace and love to the forefront, overflowing to those around us. 

A plan for good

For YEARS (and still today) I was paralysed with the fear of making the wrong choice about what to do with my life. Should I go to law school, should I go acting school, should I go to bible college, should I marry him, should we move there, should we say yes or no... HOW DO YOU FIGURE OUT THE RIGHT ANSWER?

I’m not sure there are too many ‘right answers’ except to trust, to love, have faith and hope. Hold onto God with all you have - the fluid connection you have with Him through Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Don’t let fear paralyse you, after all, “We can be so sure that every detail in our lives of love for God is worked into something good.” Romans 8:28 (The Message).

And THAT is His plan. To restore, redeem, overcome, heal, bring hope, love, put back together, build, open blind eyes, unblock deaf ears, awaken hearts and spirits to His love and expanse of energy. To bring good out of chaos.

LOVE who you are, love God and love others with your life... He will work out the details with you as you go. Step by step, day by day, moment by moment.

Don’t be afraid of mistakes... they are our great teachers, a classroom of wealth and a way to figure out the path forward. God certainly is not afraid of them... He can turn ANYTHING around for good. So the only mistake you can make is not letting God in on the journey.

Have fun, be filled with hope and make life meaningful.

Lizzy is co-author at PktFuel.com and the DVO app.

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  • user


    If God has a plan then why am i suffering, why am i going through all the bad parts in my life.
    Im cutting my wrists im in so much pain.
    im tired of not fitting in, im tired of being thrown away by people
    so when I read this and hear that GOd has a plan im sorry but im having a hard time believeing it
    why has he taken several of my close family
    why did he let my friend commit suicide
    somebody please tell me talk to me
    so i can understand

  • user


    That’s a really good question. I also don’t understand why god allow suffering. However god gave us a free will.  I can only recommend you to watch videos in YouTube or searching in the internet (“why does god allow suffering”). There are some really good videos. I can totally understand you. I also had a time were I hated it to live. It might was not so much terrible as your life is at the moment but there is a way to get happy again. Also for you. Sorry for my bad grammar. I’m not English.

  • user


    We may never understand why God does things until we get to Heaven. But we have to trust that he is doing it for a good reason (even if we can’t think of one). Just like the disciples didn’t know why God would let Jesus die, when we look back, we know he did it for a good reason.

  • user


    I understand . I read somewhere in John or Hebrews that when one faces hardships its not always Satan but God’s way of molding you. I lost a lot of my best friends and it was been really tough but through it all I learnt to lean and trust and let God’s love feel me. WE could never understand God but sometimes when God takes a way something close he is preventing you from suffering severe damage because he is our Father. God will never give a situation you can not handle but he will give you a way out always. i hope that way. Trust him for he holds your future let him mold you

  • user


    thank you

  • user


    Joseph, I’m so sorry for your pain. You’ve been through a lot and I’m certain God wants to heal your heart and take your pain. Understanding pain and sickness is so hard, but remember that we are in a battle. Remember God’s original design was the garden of Eden. Satan wants to steal, kill, and destroy, but God is willing to fight for us and with us. Perhaps like Joseph in the Bible stories you are in a pit, a jail, but remember that Joseph kept believing God when he was in a dark place and God took him to something better. God is not wasteful and He is a mighty Redeemer. Stay in your Bible, stay strong with the truth of God’s Word—maybe even read Joseph’s life in the Bible again. God does not orchestrate bad, but He won’t override free will. He knows your pain and everything you’ve been through. Cry out to Him, ask for help, and seek someone you can talk to. Stay strong Joseph! Your Father God loves you.

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