About Fervr

What is Fervr.net?

A relevant and informative Christian youth website by Youthworks that publishes daily articles, reviews and video content for teens.

Who is Fervr for?

13-18 year olds who are Christians or are interested in learning more about a Christian worldview. 

Aren't there lots of Christian youth sites already?

Yes and no. There are Christian youth sites out there but they’re a bit daggy. Meanwhile, the better sites we've seen are targeted towards older Christians and don't always address topics directly related to youth culture.

Our aim is to be an easy-to-use site that's representative of Biblical Christianity, plus a friendly online community that helps youth digest and discuss thought-provoking content with their peers and church leaders.

What topics do you cover?

Christian living, theology, pop culture and current affairs.

Our aim is to simply unpack what the Bible says to young people today and lay out a variety of topics before them. We think young people are smart enough to come up with their own decisions on what they read.

Who contributes? How do people contribute?

Youth ministers, youth workers and other church leaders. Sometimes even youth write for us (which is pretty cool).

If you'd like to contribute, check out our submission guidelines, what we believe and get in touch with us. If you happen to be in Sydney, we’re always up for a coffee-chat!
As a parent/ leader, how do I know this site’s safe for my children/ youth group members?

We comb through the content and online discussions to keep it happy, legal, safe and clean. We'd appreciate help from the community too so feel free to report any comments or behaviour that's less than civil. Emails can be sent to team@fervr.net.

What if I like your site but can't be bothered coming back to check for new articles?

Join our online community on Facebook and Twitter! Like and/or follow us to receive daily updates, materials and answers to your questions.

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