Snow White and The Huntsman: Movie Review

Image: Snow White and The Huntsman: Movie Review

It's hard to find a fresh way of telling an age-old story.

In a twist on the traditional Snow White story, Snow White and The Huntsman takes a refreshing look at a tale which most of us are familiar with. Charlize Theron (Ravenna), Kristen Stewart (Snow White) and Chris Hemsworth (The Huntsman – of “Thor” fame) play the three main characters in the film.

Snow White is a classic "good versus evil" story, set in medieval, sword brandishing, horse riding, castle-living times. There seems to be a trend in popular movies and TV shows which brings viewers back to when tunics, unkempt hair and dirty fingernails were the norm. Ever since the production of the Lord Of The Rings, movies have tried, and failed, to keep up with the epic trilogy.

Snow White features fairly standard cinematography, except for one particular scene, which takes place in the "sanctuary”, where everything is pure and beautiful. Keep your eye out for this scene if you're planning on watching this film.

Kristen Stewart in her character of Snow White feels stifled at times and was not given many lines in the movie. She thoroughly shines when she gets to speak, so it does leave a question in my mind - why did they choose to cast her as a feeble, reluctant princess at times and a ferocious and courageous warrior at others? Perhaps it was meant to be – if it was, then I would have to say the movie did not allow enough time for Snow White to develop into a strong character. This made the movie feel somewhat disjointed and slow at times.

The movie re-tells the story of how the innocence and purity of Snow White finally prevails, ultimately defeating the evil queen. As I watched, I couldn't help but see a direct parallel to how Jesus sacrificed Himself and paid for the freedom of believers by defeating Satan through the price of His blood.

As expected, there are various fantasy elements in the movie and I would recommend only allowing teenagers over 13 in to watch it. Please check the official classification of the movie when it is released.

All in all, a watchable movie with a good storyline; let down only by its weak script.

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