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What teenagers want…

Every teenager has two great desires.

Every teenager I know has two great desires:


This is one of the most fundamental desires of a typical teenager. The desire to fit in with the crowd. Teenagers want to be cool. Teenagers want to be accepted. One of the ways to tap into this desire is to acknowledge that the teenagers you are ministering to have this desire, and use it for example in the context of a talk, “I know that you’re desire in life is to be accepted and to fit in at school…”. One way to challenge this would be to encourage teenagers to actually stand out for Jesus. Stand out and be different from their classmates… because of Jesus. This doesn’t mean they have to tuck their shirt into their undies or wear socks with sandals etc… but to live radically different from their peers when it comes to what they value, what they believe and how they live.

This second point goes hand in hand with the first one. Teenagers want to fit in… and be at the right place doing the right things. The right parties. The right beach. The right shopping centre. We need to show teenagers that JESUS is where the action is! Meeting with Jesus’ people around Jesus’ word for Jesus’ glory on a Friday night is far more profound than hanging out at the local shopping centre! Ephesians 3 helps to show us just how BIG the gathering of church is in the cosmos. We need to show teenagers that if they want to truly be where the action is at - they need to be with Jesus.

This is true where I live - it's probably true in your context too!

What do you think? Is that true in your context? How do we tap into this culture?

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