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Three Christmas games for your youth group

Finish the year with some festive fun!

Whether you are planning a holiday party, Christmas family gathering, Sunday School lesson or church event, these Christmas games from Bible Games Central will add a healthy dose of festive cheer to the occasion.

No More Room

Find creative ways to squeeze as many people as possible on a piece of newspaper that gets smaller with each round. Use this game to introduce the story of Jesus’ birth when there was no more room in the inn.

How to Play

  1. Divide into teams of 4 to 10 players. Ideally, each team should have the same number of players. As this game involves physical contact, we suggest same-gender teams.
  2. Give each team 1 sheet of newspaper.
  3. All team members must stand on the piece of newspaper, with no parts of their bodies touching the floor or surrounding objects or walls. Remain standing for 5 seconds.
  4. Teams that succeed in doing this progress to the next round; other teams are eliminated.
  5. For the next round, fold the newspaper in half and repeat.
  6. Keep doing this until only one team remains – this is the winning team.

Oven Mitt Unwrap

Try your hand at unwrapping a Christmas present while wearing a pair of oven mitts. A hilarious twist on the traditional “Pass the Parcel” game. 

How to Play

  1. Have everyone sit in a circle.
  2. Give one player a pair of oven mitts and the present, and the person on his/her left the cup with 2 dice.
  3. On “go” the player with the oven mitts puts them on and tries to unwrap the present one layer at a time.
  4. At the same time, the player with the dice rolls them until he/she gets doubles.
  5. Once doubles is rolled, the player passes the cup and dice to the player on the left, and takes over the oven mitts and present from the player on the right.
  6. Play continues with the items moving left each time doubles are rolled.
  7. The player who unwraps the final layer keeps the present.

Christmas Tree Dress Up

Use paper and other materials to transform a teammate into a Christmas tree! This is a quick and easy game that you can play at any Christmas party! Simply provide the materials and leave the rest to the creativity of your guests. 

How to Play

  1. Divide into teams. Each team can have 3-5 players. (Teams can be larger, but smaller teams allow everyone to be involved.)
  2. Give each team a set of supplies.
  3. Each team chooses one member to be their Christmas Tree, and everyone else must work together to dress up their Christmas Tree as creatively as they can!
  4. Remember to play some lively Christmas carols in the background to add to the fun.