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Lessons in leadership

"What I learned from 1 Samuel about being a godly leader"

Leaders in Training

I have just come back from a camp called LiT, which stands for Leaders in Training. Run by Youthworks, the camp aims to equip young people (like me, I'm only 16) with leadership skills so we can continue to glorify God in everything we do. The talks were on the book of 1 Samuel, which is filled with the bravest, strongest, and most Godly leaders you could find.

Lessons in leadership

Starting with Samuel's birth story, we were challenged to consider who we gave our allegiance to. God was the only answer that made sense, as he cared for all his people, and gives us a purpose to live that nothing else can.  We looked at Hannah, a commoner, who is heard by God and is used to bring about great things. She trusted in God and he used her in his sovereign plan. How cool is that!

Next we looked at the event where Israel loses the ark, and God punishes them. There was a serious warning not to be twisting God's arm like the Israelites did and to make sure we understood that only because of God do we get to breathe our next breath or think our next thought.

King Saul took up the content of the next two sessions as we saw him get picked as a leader for his height and stature, but then fail as he put himself in God's place and disobeyed God. We were shown that no matter our qualifications, skills and strengths, without God, we cannot function, let alone lead!

Leadership begins with God

Finally we saw the rising of Israel's next leader, David, who God chooses for his heart, and nothing else. We see him defeat Goliath with his trust in God and are reminded that although what God asked of us may be impossible for man, with God's power, we can succeed.

So 1 Samuel is filled with Godly heroes, and amazing stories of rescue and leadership. However, it is important to remember (as I try to everyday), that God was, and still is the power behind the rock, the wisdom behind the words, and the strength behind the person who puts his trust in him. If you trust in him, he will use you, just like Hannah, Samuel, and David, to further his salvation plan for the world.