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Giving Sex Talks

How often should I give sex talks at youth group?

Traditionally sex talks are given once (if you’re really lucky twice) a year in youth groups. They are often advertised and may therefore have an element of hype surrounding them. I don’t think this is the best way to preach on sex. I have adopted more of an approach of dealing with it as it arises in our different Bible series.

This year I have given 3 sex talks. During term 1 we were doing a series on Genesis 1-11 with our year7-9s. For the second talk I gave a talk on God the ultimate wedding planner and spoke about God’s purposes for marriage from Genesis 2. On our year 7-12 youth group camp, in a series on Idolatry, I spoke from 1 Thess 4 about fleeing from the idol of sex. And last week, during our 1 Cor series with year 7-9, I spoke from chapter 6 about what sexual immorality is why we ought to flee from it.

I’m always conscious of not wanting to say too much too soon… but at the same time our culture and our high schools will continue to shape teenage lives and their attitudes toward sex… we need to be letting the Bible shape our teenager’s worldview. Otherwise how will they know God’s mind on things if they haven’t yet been taught it!

Here is an article about how pop music shapes teenage views on sex.
Here is a book that encourages sexual purity in a lust-saturated world.

What do you think? How often ought we preach on sex to teenagers? How should we go about it?

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