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Five super fun youth group games

Run out of ideas for youth? Check out these fun activities submitted by our readers.

Here are some of the best youth group games submitted by Fervr readers! 

Fork, spoon and knife 

  1. Every player receives a plastic fork, spoon, and knife.  
  2. You pair off into teams of two and stand face to face.  
  3. Place your spoon, fork, and knife face down in your back pocket. (if they don’t have a back pocket, you can stick them in the top of your pants). You are not allowed to touch them until the next step. 
  4. Leader will call out either 'fork' 'spoon' or 'knife' and the first player of each team to grab the correct one from their back pocket without looking wins and moves on to next round until last person standing.

Thanks Aria from Radiate Youth, Utah.

Giant hungry, hungry hippos

  1. Split youth into four teams in corners of the room. 
  2. Each team has a skateboard/rolling platform with a rope tied to one end, a helmet, and two buckets. 
  3. In the centre of the room is an area filled with ball-pit balls. One member of each team straps on the helmet, lies down on the board, and grabs a bucket. Everyone else gets ready to push/pull the person. 
  4. When the game starts, team members push their "hippo" into the centre, where they will use the bucket to collect balls. 
  5. The other team members will then pull their hippo back and move the balls to their team bucket. 
  6. The game ends when there are no more balls in the centre of the room.
  7. Whoever has the most balls at the end of the end of the game wins!

Thanks Jordan from UNTD YTH, Hope Valley, South Australia.

The garbage can game

  1. Place a large garbage can/bin in the centre of the room and have youth form a circle around the can holding hands.  
  2. A leader yells, "Go"!  Then everyone begins pulling in an attempt to get someone (anyone) to touch the can with any part of their body.
  3. If someone touches the can, they're out. 
  4. If at any time someone's hands become unclasped BOTH students are out. 
  5. The circle will get smaller and smaller until you're down to two people, the one that does not get "out" is the winner. 

You may want to play this one boys only and girls only.

Thanks Laurel from Ignite Student Ministries, Elbow Lake, Minnesota.

Balloons and cups

  1. Set out two tables. Place a row of paper/plastic cups right down the middle of each table, lengthwise.  
  2. One chosen youth goes to one table and another chosen youth goes to another table, and each are handed a balloon.  
  3. A one-minute timer sounds, and the youth are told to blow up the balloon, then try and make the air from their balloon knock the cups over.   
  4. Whoever knocks over all the cups first (or the most cups), before the timer stops, wins!  
  5. An alternative is to use the SAME table for both teams. Try to blow the plastic cups off on to the other side of the table.

Thanks Cameron from Propel Youth, Oklahoma. 

Bucket Ball

This game is like netball but with someone holding a bucket (netball is like basketball, but you can’t dribble).

  1. Split youth into two teams. 
  2. One member of each team holds a bucket for their team to shoot into. They stand on a chair at the opposite end of the room to their team.
  3. When the ball is released, teammates need to pass the ball to one another in order to shoot it into their teammates bucket. 
  4. There is no running with the ball.
  5. The opposing team needs to be an arm’s length away from the person holding the ball.
  6. The winner is the team with the most points at the end of the game.

This is quite an active game and can get dangerous when people get too close to the youth on the chair. Make sure you leave an arm’s length between the person on the chair and all other players.

Thanks to Tom from Blacktown Anglican Youth in Sydney, Australia!

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