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Cooking up a Bible Study

From the basic ingredients through to serving, a 5 part series on how to prepare a Biblical feast!

This month, Fervr presents a new series called 'How To Cook Up a Bible Study'. The man behind the recipe is one of our favourite UK contributors, Edwin Tomlins.

This five part series will look at what's involved in creating your own Bible studies for a youth group - from preparation through to delivering the end product.

Part 1 – The Ingredients
Part 2 – The Method
Part 3 – Tableware
Part 4 – Serving up your study
Part 5 – Compliments to the Chef

We hope all of you leaders (and future leaders) enjoy the series, and as always we'd love you to add any comments or questions to the articles if you have anything more you want explored.

To begin with, we start with Part 1 - The Ingredients.

Buon Appetito!