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10 ways to prepare for SRE in 2011

10 ways to prepare for SRE in 2011

Written by Emma Collett, Children's Ministry Advisor, Youthworks Training.

Note: This article is written for scripture teachers in schools. If you are a student at a school, we hope this will help you understand how scripture teachers prepare for the year, and we ask that you pray for the scripture teachers at your school!!

As scripture teachers gear up for another year of SRE in our schools, the words "Ready, Set, Go!" come to mind.

Teaching material has been ordered, teachers and helpers have been recruited, meetings with the schools have been organised, and classes are starting to be formed. It is an exciting time. And yet, to many it is also quite daunting. So, I have come up with an acrostic for READY SET GO, with 10 things to remember as SRE gets underway in 2011 .

R... ‘Remember the Lord, Oh. Remember that He is in control’ God will go before you into the classroom, He will go with you into the classroom, and He will go after you into the classroom. (Thank you Colin Buchanan for helping me to remember this important truth in a catchy little song!). One thing that will help us to 'Remember the Lord' is reading the Bible and immersing ourselves in God’s Word.

E... Enthusiasm is contagious. If you are excited about what you are teaching, then the students are more likely to respond positively to you, the lesson, and hopefully the Bible!

A... Accreditation means the completion of required training. Accreditation will help protect the future of SRE and the accountability of our local churches and diocese to the governing state bodies. To find out more about how you can be trained in NSW go to http://www.youthworks.net/sre

D... Dedicate time to learning names and the students who belong to those names. If you are anything like me, then you find it difficult learning a whole lot of new names (let alone getting to know the students who belong to those names!). Be intentional and think creatively about how you might remember names. Ask other people for their ‘tricks of the trade’. Personally, I find it really helpful to write down the names of the students in my classes and then as I get to know them I create a little character profile on them (ie. I then write things down about each student as I get to know them). This not only helps me to get to know the students, but it also helps me to pray for each one by name.

Y... You are an instrument that God has chosen to take his message to children and young people. What an immense blessing that God has chosen to use us in this frontline ministry of sharing the Good News about Jesus with children and young people in our schools (see 2 Corithians 5:11 – 6:2 for further encouragement).

S... Speak to God. Pray for the students in your class(es). Pray for the lessons you are going to teach. Pray for the classroom teachers and staff. Pray for the parents of the students. Pray for the school(s) that you are teaching SRE in.

E... Encourage people from your church family to consider getting involved in scripture teaching or helping. Talk to them about your own particular class(es). Share the joys and the challenges. Perhaps encourage them to attend SRE Accreditation Courses so they are then trained and ready to go.

T... Take time to prepare. There is no denying that it takes time to be a scripture teacher. Make sure that you allow enough time each week to reflect on the class that has passed; read the Bible and prepare for the lesson to come; and pray for your class(es).

G... Get together with other SRE teachers to pray and encourage each other. If you are able, find a regular time to meet up, share and pray with each other. Be willing to share the joys, challenges and struggles with each other.

O... Opportunities are everywhere! Keep your eyes open and look for opportunities to connect with those whom God places in your pathway. I used to find it really encouraging to stand outside the school office at one of the schools where I was teaching. I would get to school about 15 minutes early to meet scripture teachers as they arrived. It constantly amazed me how many people were willing to stop and chat. Look for opportunities to share your own life and faith with other people. Look for opportunities to strengthen the link between your church and the school.

That's it! I hope this has helped you prepare for a year of SRE in 2011. Why not come back and read this article again when you need some fresh inspiration, but for now... ready, set, go!