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Teen Sex By the Book is not like other books you may have come across on sex and relationships. It will not only help answer the questions that no one else wants to deal with; it helps you make up your own mind about sex.  Well worth a read!’

Lisa Brown
Lecturer in Youth Ministry
Ridley Mission and Ministry College

Research shows:

  • Almost every Australian school has had reports of sexting, which is a form of child pornography and can result in individuals being listed on the sex offenders register.
  • 93% of males and 62% of females aged 13 to 16 have seen pornography online.
  • By age 15, 70% of boys and girls will be sexually experienced and by age 18, 88% will be.

Sex surrounds us. It’s not something you need to go looking for, and for Christian teens, the pressure to conform to our hyper-sexualised culture is immense and relentless.  

With over 25 years of experience as a sex educator, researcher and therapist in America, Sri Lanka and Australia, Dr Patricia Weerakoon has a unique insight into the trends of today’s teens. In partnership with Fervr, she’s written Teen Sex By the Book, the definitive guide to teen sexuality and relationships.

Recently retired, Dr Weerakoon lives in Sydney where she spends her time speaking at conferences and in high schools, and participates in media debates on controversial topics about sex.

Teen Sex By the Book is frank and, in parts, explicit. It’s a raw and honest journey into the teen world, exploring a number of ‘taboo’ topics, such as the effects of porn on the brain, sexting, cybersex and homosexuality. It also addresses questions like How far is too far? Is God against sex? and Is lust an uncontrollable force?, considering them from a cultural, theological and physiological point of view.

Ultimately, this book calls teens to live God’s countercultural lifestyle—one that leads to healthy, pleasurable sex and intimate, satisfying relationships that last a lifetime.

Teen Sex By the Book is written primarily with teens (aged 15 to 19) in mind, although it is an important resource for parents and those ministering to this demographic. The book is rated M15+ and is available from www.fervr.net/teen-sex-by-the-book , team@fervr.net or (02) 8268 3344. RRP—$14.95.

Dr Weerakoon is available for comment or interview. For more information or request copy, contact: 

Andrew Eisenhauer
Marketing Manager – General Publishing
(02) 8268 3316

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