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Lisa Brown

"Um, my other friends kind of believe that the length of time you’ve been dating should dictate when you are ready for sex. Like, if you’ve been dating for a long time, they believe that you’re more ready. I would like to wait but it’s kinda hard in our group. So maybe I’ll …" (Mimi, p. 92)

Sex - A simple three letter word with such complex meaning.  If you asked ten different people to define it for you, you’d probably get ten different responses.  It’s a word that raises more questions than answers and yet, it’s a word that is all around us and perhaps even a part of our own lives.  So why then is it so hard to talk about?  It’s a word that we like to chuckle at or make fun of because we find it too embarrassing but deep down we just want to know…know more, know what’s right.

It’s not easy navigating the world of teen sex.  There are so many mixed opinions about what it is, when to do it, how to do it and who to do it with.  Your parents might tell you one thing, your friends another, your teachers another, the internet another.  But what do you think?  What does God think?

Teen Sex By The Book is not like other books you may have come across on sex and relationships.  There are a couple of really helpful key differences.  Firstly, it doesn’t shy away from all those embarrassing and tricky topics that you really want to know about.  It tells it how it is – even down to giving some really good advice about ‘how far is too far’.  Secondly, it really tries to convey what God thinks about each topic by interacting with key bible passages.  Thirdly, it engages with a whole lot of real life situations to make sure that what is being covered is actually relevant to what’s happening around you.  Finally, it helps you understand what’s going on inside the teen brain and body to show why sex is so appealing and yet so complicated at the same time.

The book has two sections.  The first part answer the question of ‘what is sex’ by exploring topics such as God’s intended design, the way the world and Satan have distorted God’s design, the physiology of sex, love versus lust, dating and the age old question of ‘how far is too far’.  The second part of the book addresses specific hot topics sex and technology, gender issues, pornography and questions that boys and girls ask. 

Teen Sex By The Book will not only help answer the questions that no-one else wants to deal with, it will also help you make up your own mind about sex.  Well worth a read!

Lisa Brown, Lecturer in Youth Ministry
Ridley Mission and Ministry College

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