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Dr Amelia Haines

As a mother of three teenagers of both genders, I will be buying three copies of this book to give to them. One reason is that it’s clear and honest and, even if I wished places were fleshed out more, the fact that it is not too long may help it actually be read. As a mother, it’s also nice to have a 'back up' from outside sources, and Patricia definitely does this. In fact, if you are a parent who quakes a little discussing pornography, oral sex and so on, Patricia does some of this heavy lifting for you, which cuts you a bit of slack.

As a sex therapist I also loved the book. It is medically and statistically accurate, and Patricia does not shy away from the big issues and behaviours of teens today. The tone of the book is very straight shooting whilst also being encouraging to its audience. Patricia does not patronise her teen readers and I feel this is a strength. No holds are barred and to really aid her audience I think Patricia is right to do this.
Whether or not the audience will listen and heed God’s encouragements and commands, who can tell? Parents can only pray and trust our Father, who cares more for our children than we do.

Dr Amelia Haines M.B., B.S.(Sydney), M.Hlth.Sc (Sexual Hlth)
Sex Therapist

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