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You are what you wear

They say 'the clothes make the man', so what do your clothes say about you?

If you have ever seen the 'What not to wear' show on TV, you'll know that clothes can say a lot about a person. The right or wrong clothes can affect a person's confidence & change how others view them as well.

In fact, you don't even have to watch the show to understand how this works. Simply take a look around next time you are in a shopping centre. What are people wearing? How do they look? What are they trying to 'say' by wearing what they do?

I believe we all wear clothes that say something about ourselves. Clothes are the outside version of our inside selves. Let me give you a few examples. The guy who wears the t-shirt with a joke on it, is trying to tell you he's a funny man. The girl who wears the shirt with 'Sneaky Sound System' on it is trying to tell you she's into music. Pretty simple...

But what about the people who wear lots of heavy black clothing & black make-up? What about those who wear not much clothing at all? What about the guys who spend hours getting just the right shirt to match their shoes, or the girl who just wears simple jeans and a t-shirt. I believe all of those people are trying to say something. Maybe some of them are trying to say 'I'm part of a goth subculture', which gives you an indication in to their belief system. Same could be true for the Christian who wears a 'St Harry's Youth Camp 05' T-Shirt.

We all know of people who wear provocative clothes who are either saying  “I'm not just an average person & I want your attention”, or “I'm insecure & I hope by wearing this you will think I'm cool”. Either way, we're all trying to say something with the clothes we wear.

What about you? Perhaps you don't even think about the clothes you put on. Maybe you're more of a 'whatever is in the cupboard' kind of person. Maybe so, but I'd guess you gave at least some thought to the clothes when you first bought them. Take the example of the average guy or girl wearing a 'Billabong' shirt.  This person is choosing to identify themselves with the surf culture. maybe just letting everyone know - “I'm a laid-back guy”.

Whatever it is, next time you wear something, give some thought to what you are trying to say & what do the clothes in your cupboard say about you? And no matter what you wear, remember - “Man judges by the outside, but the Lord knows the heart.” No matter what you try to say on the outside, it's really what is inside that is important and in the end truly defines you.