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You are a missionary!

No matter where God has placed you right now, THAT is your mission field.

I used to think missionaries were ‘extra spiritual’ people. These were my friends with less sin, cleaner pasts, and more Bible verses memorized. I thought being a missionary meant going to a location where people didn’t look like me. It meant selling my music, living in a hut, and learning a new language. I thought being a missionary meant going far, far away. 

Now, I know my thoughts were a bunch of bunk. 

Are you a missionary?

Being a missionary doesn’t have to mean any of these things (though sometimes they are included). In fact, I’m glad to call myself one, even without a spotless past. Do you want to know why? Because being a missionary has far less to do with where we live, than it does how we think about it. 

  • How do you think about the place you just stepped into it? 
  • Do you think of it as a nation in need of being reached?

There are a lot of great things Christians would like to ‘do for God.‘ However there are very few Christians who persevere on His path to get there. Our grand ideas of traveling the world and singing His name from the mountain tops; converting peoples, tribes, and tongues not by war but by love... this sounds somewhat glamourous when we’re in our own comfy spots. But that’s just it - sharing the Gospel cannot be about us. 

Are you accepting your mission field?

I once attended a church which hung a large sign to be passed under, when leaving the building. It read, “You are now entering your mission field.” I’d never thought of it like this before. Arriving on your mission field takes less travel than you’d imagine. 

Think about it.

Step out of bed - you are now entering your mission field. Step into school - you are now entering your mission field. Get on the train, sit on your front porch, message on your phone, play your favorite sport - you are now entering your mission field.

Are you thinking like a missionary?

If you know and love Jesus, look down at your feet. Seriously, do it. Do you see the Holy ground beneath them? Are you thinking of it as Holy? 

Think of your dinner table and where you eat lunch. Think of your neighbors, classmates, and workers at local shops. Think of... everyone you meet! Like it or not, this is the "nation" to whom you’ve been sent by God. You don’t have to build a hut or learn a language first. You just need to think of yourself as a missionary with incredible News to tell. You need to see others’ spiritual state, and invite them to where you are. By the power of Jesus Christ, filled with a Spirit of power—not of timidity—you need to ‘go’ and think rightly. 

Are you 'going' as God's missionary?

Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.—Matthew 28:19

We’ll never know the fullness of life God has for us, if we do not live life fully right where we are. This means redefining a few things.

Missionary: If you know and love Jesus, then you are sent. You are already en route, running a great race, on your way to Heaven and with a Holy Spirit pace. It doesn’t matter what you know or look like. The Good News has not changed.

Mission field: If you know and love Jesus, then the Holy Spirit lives in you. Wherever you walk is your mission field. Look around, because God’s got people for you to tell. He has already sent you to wherever you are.

Call: If you know and love Jesus, then you’ve got some Good News to shout out. To be God’s child is to be called. You are purposed because God has made no other quite like you. Be His. Be yourself. Tell the world who you belong to.