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What is your purpose in life?

The problem with most of us is that our dreams are too small.

Do you ever wonder if God made you for a special purpose?

Perhaps you've wondered something like this...

  • Is my purpose to be a musician?
  • Is my purpose to become a pastor?
  • Is my purpose to be a mother or father?
  • Is my purpose to be an olympic athlete?

The truth is, none of these things can be your purpose. And here's why.

  • If you decide your purpose is to become a musician, what does it mean if you can no longer play?
  • If your decide your purpose is to become a pastor, what will happen if there's no jobs available?
  • If you decide your purpose is to become a mother or father, what will that mean if you never marry?
  • If you decide your purpose is to become an olympic athlete, how will you feel if you have a serious injury?

The problem with thinking about these kinds of things as our purpose is that they aren't BIG enough. Each of these purposes can be taken away from you, which can leave you feeling empty, worthless, without purpose.

That's why your purposes have to be so much bigger.

Rick Warren from Saddleback Church gives five helpful purposes for your life. Here's a summary of what he says:

  1. Your first purpose is to know and love God. Your destiny as a Christian is eternal life with Him, so this purpose is what you were made for and can never be taken away from you.
  2. Your second purpose is to be part of God's family. He has saved you to be part of an eternal family - His family. Get involved in your church or youth group, and look for ways to serve your brothers and sisters.
  3. Your third purpose is to become like Christ. Remember, God is far more interested in your character than your career. That is why God puts his Spirit in you, to shape you and change you to become more like your saviour.
  4. Your fourth purpose is to love God by loving others. Stop thinking about how you will be blessed by those around you, and start thinking about how you can be a blessing to them.
  5. Your fifth purpose is to make a unique contribution in the world. Think about the opportunities, friendships, connections, communities, skills and talents God has given you, and look for ways to serve God and others throughout your life. Your unique contribution will most likely change over time, so be flexible and willing to be used by God at all times in different ways.

Do you see how these purposes change everything?

Your purpose in life is so much bigger than doing a particular job, mastering a certain skill, or becoming famous. So, remind yourself every day of what you were really made for.

And ask yourself this question - are you living for your own purposes, or are you living for God's purposes?