What amazes you? | Teen Life Christian Youth Articles, Daily Devotions

What amazes you?

Football skills, good looks, or something more significant?

Who are people you find amazing?

Maybe it’s a band like Muse, a football player like Messi, or an actor like Zac Effron. These people are incredible to us for various reasons. Muse play awesome music, Messi has amazing footwork with a ball and Zac just looks good. We admire and worship these people because they are amazing at what they do.

All of us even go to great lengths to see, hear and know about them. Think about how much you would pay. Think about how much time you spend listening and watching. Some of us can't stop. We love these people and worship them because we think they’re amazing.

Really though, when we think about it, we worship these people for really trivial things. Like good music, great looks and the ability to kick a ball. Sure, these things are great, but they aren’t the greatest or most important things in our world.

What's really important?

When we think about important things or needs in our life we start to think of good health, life without death and true love.

Looking at the life of Jesus in the Gospel Mark we see a man doing amazing things. Not just rad music, good ball skills or good looks, but someone who has power over disease, someone who has power over death and someone who desires and loves you so deeply that he took on the worst suffering and death possible for your sin.

The most amazing thing of all

It is sometimes easy to forget how amazing Jesus is, and how much we should worship him. We get caught up in the trivial things instead of what’s important. And if anyone is worthy of our time, effort, energy, thoughts and money, its not Muse, Messi or Zac, but Jesus. The real amazing one.