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Want to know more about sex?

Introducing Fervr's new book written especially for 10-14 year olds.

You are at an age where your body and brain are becoming sexual. Where do you go to understand the weird and wonderful changes that are happening? And make decisions as to how you treat your body, your sexual feelings and how this all applies to other people?

What is sex anyway? Is it about looking sexy? Thinking sex? Doing it?

These questions and more are the reason Fervr are releasing our latest book, Growing Up By The Book by Dr. Patricia Weerakoon. 

Where do you learn about sex?

Surely, you can find everything there is to know about sex from the internet, right? And then there are TV shows, music videos and magazines. Your friends seem to all about sex—and that’s where they got their information from. And then there’s sex education classes in school, where you learn about things like puberty, menstruation, how to not get pregnant or catch sexually transmitted infections.

Some people might think the best place to get knowledge about sex is from pornography. That is, watching or reading anything involving nudity or sexual acts. Even some novels and comics depicting sexual acts are porn.  But, do you realise how dangerous porn is to your growing brain?  

Porn wires your brain to see sex as something you do to get pleasure for yourself. Where you start to think of other people (the porn star or your girl or boy friend) as objects for your own selfish sexual gratification. When you use porn for sexual pleasure, everything else (e.g. the fun of girl-boy friendship and the joy of holding hands) will become boring. You will begin to think that ‘sexy’ means to look and act as a porn star. As a child of God, you know this is not right. And it will leave you feeling guilty and ashamed.

What has God got planned for you in sex?

The best way to find out what God has planned for your life, including your sex life is from the Bible and from people who love you and want what is best for you. Yes, your parents.

This is why we published this book. It will help you learn about the changes in your body and brain and put these in a context of understanding sex as a gift and a blessing from God. But more importantly, it will give you ways of talking to your parents. Ways of starting the talk on that embarrassing topic. And let me tell you — they are just as uncomfortable as you are (but they really want to help!). And so, in this book we help both your parents and you to talk with as little embarassment as possible.

We want you to live in the world as a happy, healthy, confident child of God. Once you’ve read this book, and talked with your parents, we hope you’ll be able to understand, and be comfortable with, what it means to be a sexual person, God’s way.

More about Growing Up By The Book

Puberty—it's an exciting time. You’re not a child, but you're not an adult either. Your body is changing: breasts, curves and periods; deepening voices, broadening shoulders and wet dreams. And hair in some quite strange places!

And, you don’t feel like a child. Well, sometimes you still want to cuddle Mum but mostly you want to do things your own way and explore your own identity. And then there's all this talk about sex!

So, how do you manage all these changes? How do you decide ‘your way’? Who (or where) do you go to for advice?

Renowned sex therapist and educator Patricia Weerakoon answers the most common questions kids aged 10-14 have about puberty, sex and relationships. She'll get you thinking about how you see your body, what you feed your brain, and who you base your identity on.

But growing up is more than just facts; it's about becoming the best person you can be. You'll see how living your life the way God intended is best for you, your friends and your family.

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