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Viva la Revolution #4 – Follow Jesus

by Dave Miers

Jesus is the Revolutionary King who suffers and dies in the place of sinners. He did the unexpected. What does it mean to follow Jesus? Doing the unexpected. Jesus says, “If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.” Following Jesus is radical and unexpected.

Who would want to worship a crucified saviour??? There’s an ancient graffiti sketch of an early Christian, Alexamenos, worshipping Jesus. The picture (click above for full pic) mockingly shows Jesus as half man/half donkey hanging on a cross. The world looks on in ridicule at the death of Jesus upon a dirty piece of wood. Jesus says in Mark 8:38 not to be ashamed of Him. Though the world may laugh, the follower of Jesus is to not only trust in Christ but also boast in His ridiculed cross. Following Jesus means you follow Jesus, not the opinions of man, not the latest techno-gadget, not the selfish desires of your heart. To follow Jesus is to love Jesus and to live for Jesus.

Wanna “Live the Revolution”??? Then follow Jesus.

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