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Two kinds of knowledge you need in your life

School study is good, but there's another kind of knowledge that's even better.

Going to school, studying and learning is all about gaining knowledge.

  • We study geography to lean about the earth and how it works.
  • We study Physics to better understand our physical world, from tiny atoms to the vast solar system and beyond.
  • We study mathematics to be able to work out tricky equations.
  • We study English to look back at some great writers and try to understand their views on the world around us.

All of this study is for the pursuit of gaining knowledge. The hope is that it will make us better people, able to more effectively live and function in this world. 

But there is a knowledge more important for our lives than any and all of our school subjects rolled into one!

A different kind of knowledge

The Bible talks about the “knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ” (1 Peter 1:3 & 3:18).

This is about understanding and knowing in our hearts that Jesus has saved us from the dominion of darkness and brought us into the Kingdom of Light. This knowledge that He gives us, helps us to live out our lives as His people and be godly.  

How do we gain this knowledge?

If you're not yet a Christian, then speak to someone who is and ask them about how they know God. Read the Bible - start with one of the books about Jesus, like Matthew, Mark, Luke or John. And pray to God, asking him to reveal his truth to you.

If you're already a Christian, then you already know Jesus, but there's always so much more to know about him!

In the 2nd letter of Peter, the author goes to great lengths to explain to those Christians he is writing to that he wants them to keep growing in their knowledge. He knows that by reminding them of the truth, they will become established as they remember the things spoken by the prophets, the commands of Jesus and all that the apostles have written. In remembering and living by these things, they will continue in the faith. 

This applies to us too. Of all the knowledge we want to have and grow in, the one we should focus on the most is that which gives eternal life and helps us to remain in Christ!

So as you study school subjects and gain knowledge in different fields, be thankful that God has given you opportunities to learn. But above all that, make sure you keep pursuing godly knowledge, and keep learning from God’s Word how to live for Him in His world!