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Three creative ideas to build your faith

Try these simple ideas for remaining close to Jesus during holidays and time away from church.

For three seasons a year, if we choose, we’ve a steady supply of Christian community. Church, youth group, and school friends can be regular reminders to stay on task, “be fervent in spirit, and serve the Lord” (Romans 12:11).

But how do we sustain an unwavering, growing faith in the midst of sports camps, holidays, and summer jobs? How do we avoid becoming lazy and making excuses to set aside our first Love?

We think outside the box!

Read the following ideas to keep a fresh fervency in the Spirit this summer (or any time of the year!). Listen for the days, ways, and friends God brings to mind and heart and don’t wait for excitement or a church mission trip to start. Remember from where your strength, hope, and courage comes as you make the most of your Summer with thriving commitment.

1-on-1 with Jesus:

Make a weekly time to spend with Jesus. Put these times on your calendar before the summer gets going.  Some ideas...

  • Go out for ice cream, turn off your phone and read the Word.
  • Explore a new place. Pack a lunch and thank Jesus for what’s around.
  • Work out with Jesus! Go for a run or to the gym, accompanied by Christian music or a sermon.
  • Attend a sporting event. Strangers or not, pray for each player as you sit and watch. Ask God to protect and to use them to bring His Kingdom to this world

Memory Mondays:

Commit to memorise one verse each week. Imagine! 8-10 verses stored up by the start of school! Invite a friend to join you. Write/recite the verse in a different way each day.

  • Write it with chalk on the sidewalk or with your finger in the flowerbed.
  • Learn the verse in a different language or rewrite it in words used today.
  • Draw a picture to represent your verse, or journal your thoughts.
  • Create a tune to sing the verse along. How would you explain it to a 5-year old?

Secret Service:

Choose at least one week to secretly serve someone in the name of Christ.

  • Write a prayer for this person in a card or on paper. Anonymously leave it in their path, mailbox, or workplace.
  • Find our his/her favorite things (coluor, candy, hobby, etc). Leave small gifts to show how God has made them intentionally unique.
  • Serve through action by weeding a garden, mowing the lawn, or (if you live with them) taking over his/her chores without seeking recognition.
  • Knock on their door or call. “God’s placed you on my heart. Any way I can help you, today?”