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Thoughts for Young men

JC Ryle addresses the greatest challenges in a young man's life.

Young man! Yes, I am talking to you. Young man, you and I both know that it is about time that you took God seriously and really started living to His glory. This world needs young men like you to man up, to stop mucking around and to stand up to the Devil and his filthy lies. Are you with me? Would you like a great book to help you in the fight? Well have I got a book for you. It is called … the Bible. But I also have another book for you. It is called “Thoughts for Young Men”.

This book is a must read for any young Christian man who wants to live for Christ.

This book will put ammunition in your spiritual weaponry. This book will put a fire in your gut and conviction in your soul. This book will inspire you and equip you to live differently. This book could well transform the way you see God, yourself, the devil and this world. There is gold in this book.

“Thoughts for Young Men” was written by a guy who understands what it means to be a young Christian man in an old non-Christian world. When I read it, it was like he was talking to me. And one the exciting things about this book is that it was written about 150 years ago, and so when you read it you are tapping into some great wisdom from a day gone by. It is only 89 small pages long, with only 5 short chapters. You will be able to knock it over in 2 hours.

Young man, “man up”. Get this book, read the book, digest this book, live this book.