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The gospel changing lives at school

An SRE teacher shares her experiences

We recently posted on Facebook asking if anyone had any "good news stories" of the gospel affecting lives at schools. We received the following three stories from a teacher in Sydney. I hope these stories will encourage you to see that it's worth persisting with talking to your friends about Jesus. 

Term 1, 2010

Today I was working on the computer in the staffroom. Despite my efforts I just couldn't seem to find what I was looking for. Strangely I thought things would be easier if I went onto the Library computers. I say strange because I can access the exact same documents anywhere in the school, nothing new. Despite the confusion I logged off and headed to the Library, sat at a computer and started working. Not only did I find what I had needed which completed my work but I also had the opportunity to encourage a student.

This senior girl became a Christian through her youth group about 6 months ago. She was still in the very early stages of Christian growth. She approached me asking if we can go and pray for her sick relative. This student and I found a quiet spot and prayed together. She then spent the rest of the period, around 30 minutes, asking me lots of questions about prayer, faith, Jesus etc. It was so wonderful to be available for her.

Term 4, 2010

My teaching series for this term was on the passage of scripture titled 'The Prodigal Son'. Rather than take the popular angle of the story and teach with the focus of repentance, my focus and aim was for the students to see that God wants us to know him as perfect Father.

Regardless of age, religious or cultural background there was a significant response with all the girls. As we discussed the need and importance of Father in a person's life, the evidence which is clearly seen in today's society, the girls clearly understood how vital Father is in one's life. As we looked at the story, the girls noted the Father in the passage was unlike any Father that exists today and to align that with the love of God was overwhelming for some.

For them, a man running to meet his lost son who brought shame on the family, and embracing him with kisses was just unheard of. For a God to love like this is so foreign to these teenagers. Many, without exaggeration, were in tears and at times I had to stop teaching and just compose myself as I was moved by what God was visibly doing.

God was clearly speaking to the students in a powerful way, showing them how he loves them as a perfect Father, and for many who don't have Dads or come from broken homes, this was exactly what they needed, to know God loves as Father, perfect Father.

Term 1, 2011

It was a Monday and we had on the senior lunchtime group.

The discussion was on Luke 9:23-26; Jesus wants our whole life, not just certain parts. I explained to the 8 girls who came exactly what it means to surrender your whole life to Jesus and what that could entail. We discussed the cost of placing Jesus as number one in our lives and how that can and does involve persecution from family and friends and sometimes the cost can even be of our lives.

The next day during roll call, I was approached by one of the year 11 students that was present during the group. She had grown up in a Buddhist home and I had the privilege of teaching her during the scripture classes over the last 2 years. She approached me, and informed me that that night after school she went home and prayed and decided to surrender her life to Jesus!

She has been growing very strong in the faith since, attending every week, and all the more growing in her hunger to love and serve God with all that she is.

More good news stories?

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