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The Fervr Fashion Guide: Introduction

Tips from the original fashion designer: God.

Everyone wears clothes.

In fact, not wearing clothes in most places will get you arrested.

How much time do we spend shopping for clothes? Choosing what to wear? Making sure you have the right accessories to go with your outfit? Getting ready to go out? Looking at what other people are wearing? Complimenting or ridiculing people based on what they’re wearing? Working out if someone belongs or doesn’t belong based on their clothes?

There are shows on television telling us What Not To Wear. Each year magazines produce Best and Worst Dressed lists. The paparazzi camp out red carpets asking celebrities who designed their dress. The media bombards us with advertisements telling us what brands to wear and where to shop.

Does it matter what you wear? Does the Bible have anything to say about fashion?

Did you know that God was the first fashion designer? In Genesis 3, Adam and Eve have eaten the fruit that they weren’t supposed to. And suddenly they’re concerned that they're naked. So what’s the first thing God does before kicking them out of Eden? “The Lord God made garments of skin for Adam and his wife and clothed them.” (Genesis 3:21)

The Bible has a lot to say about what we wear and why we wear it. In this four part series, we’ll be looking at:

Part 1 – What Does It Say? – How do you fill your wardrobe?

Part 2 – Dressed for Success – How do you spend your time and money on fashion?

Part 3 – Looking God – How do you dress for the opposite sex?

Part 4 – You Are What You Wear – Are you defined by what you wear?

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