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The busy girl’s and bloke’s survival guide

by Mike Smith

What about when you're in the middle of studying for exams? Do you become a little bit crazy, do you break down in tears, or do you give up and play video games instead?
Whatever your method of coping, there is now a great resource for anyone who wants to stay sane during exam time. It's called 'Survival Guide : Bite-size Bible studies for beating exam stress'. There's one for busy guys & one for busy girls.
The Survival Guides contain ten weeks worth of of short and punchy daily Bible studies, and other helpful resources. There are only 6 studies a week, as the authors want to encourage you to use the 7th day for rest, reflection, and meeting with your regular church or youth group.
I found the daily Bible readings and questions very thoughtful, and I thought the studies helpfully guide you to apply what you learn. A couple of other features of the guides that I also liked are:
– Heavy lifting: great if you want to dig a little deeper into the study.
– Weekly Prayer Points: A good reminder to think about others and God when you're stressed.
– Light Relief (jokes and other interesting stuff): I actually laughed out loud at some of these, and can't wait to make a paper snapper & play table cricket! I'm sure the recipes will be a hit with the girls too. There's also a physical and emotional help guide, with the idea that a healthy body means a healthy mind.
These studies are ideal for personal study or small groups. Even though the guides are aimed at those in High School (particularly years 10-12), I think even Uni students could find this a helpful resource.


You can purchase Survival Guides from the Fervr webstore.

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