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Thank God You’re Here

Are you ready to walk through the blue door?

You’re standing in front of a blue door. In just a moment you will step through this door into an unknown situation. It could be anywhere from ancient Egypt to the local pub. Someone will say 'Thank God You’re Here' and it will be up to you to keep up. You’ll need to stay alert and always have an answer ready. Are you ready to step through that door?

'Thank God You’re Here' is currently in it’s fourth season here in Australia. Each week, four comedians are thrust into an unknown situation and it is their job to improvise their way through the scenario. In the last two weeks we’ve seen construction sites, camping stores, medieval kingdoms, and red carpet interviews. Watching the comedian sweat their way through this experience is captivating. The on-the-spot humour shows us that these are people who really know how to bring the funny. And it doesn’t hurt that at any moment they could crash and burn.

How would you cope in such a situation? How would you cope if you had to step through that blue door into an unknown situation and have an answer prepared for any situation? Guess what? You’re in that situation every day. Every single day when you get out of bed and head out of the house, you have to have an answer ready. Some of you may not even leave your bedroom before the scenario starts.

As Christians, we are also to be prepared to have an answer. “Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.” (1 Peter 3:15) You never know when someone is going to ask you a question about your faith. But when they do, you need to have an answer ready. That question could come at school, at work, at the supermarket, at home. It could come anywhere. And it could come from anyone. You could be the one that God uses to bring someone to know Christ. So how well do you know your faith? Are you ready to give an answer? Are you ready to walk through that blue door?