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Tertiary options for creative Christians

We interview 2 creative arts students about faith, arts, and serving God with their gifts

Are you interested in creative arts, and keen to serve God in a creative way after you graduate from school?

Jared and Kathryn both decided to study creative arts at a Christian college (Wesley Institute in NSW) after year 12.

The following interviews will give you an insider's view into what they are hoping to achieve, and what life is like on campus.

Jared, what are you studying?
I am studying a Bachelor of Music in Worship Arts.

What are your career aspirations?
To be a full time session drummer and serve at church: Love God and Make music.

How are you being challenged in your classes and projects?
I am being challenged to find a goal and pursue it; going after it hard. It doesn’t matter if you’re not sure what you want to do when you finish…the aim of the 3 years is to prepare you, and mould you into the person you were called to be.

What does the integration of faith and the arts mean to you and what place does drama, dance, graphic design, music, etc. hold in the Kingdom of God?
A massive place! God spoke the world into existence. 2 major art forms there: drama (the use of words), and music, (the idea of soundwaves created). Music is something that is in all of us. We were created to be creative. To what extent we will only find out as we continue on this journey. True art comes from the soul, not just the mind. True music will stir emotions you never knew you had. Plays will reveal something about human nature and make us rethink ourselves. Pictures say a thousand words. Dance expresses something and tells a story. The part we play is massive. And I’m still on that journey to discover it!!!

What has been your proudest moment as a student?
Playing music that I never thought I could ever play, and seeing people rise up to their potential.

Why should other students consider studying at somewhere like Wesley Institute?
For the fun, fellowship and professional development. You will find new friends, discover more about God, and find talents you never knew you had.

Kathryn, what are your career aspirations?
I'd love to get in to publishing/editorial design. I love magazine layouts and the challenge of making both type and image work together, without one overpowering the other. I'd also love to get into designing for video games (another passion of mine).

What does "integrating faith and the arts" mean to you?
I think a large part of it is communication. With music people can come together to worship, sing, etc. Drama and dance can engage people and present them with ideas or emotions in creative ways that will both inform and entertain. Design, and good design at that, will effectively communicate and speak to its audience. Gloss over them or take them away completely and you'll have nothing that people want to stay around for.

What is the best memory you have from your time studying?
Some of the best memories I have was spending time with my classmates, whether just hanging out or even stressing together in the computer lab trying to get that assignment done for the next day. All work and lack of sleep makes everyone go a little crazy...

What was your proudest moment as a student?
I was really happy and proud standing up with my classmates at our End of Year Exhibition in 2008. I also was really proud that I got there at all!

Why should other students studying somewhere like Wesley Institute?
It's personable and encouraging; you're not a number in the system. Since you have that one on one time with your lecturers and you're surrounded by such a supportive environment, you can't help but get more out of your course.