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Take Love 2014

Fervr and Anglicare Sydney invite you to join us in reaching out to asylum seekers.

When Jesus told the Parable of the Good Samaritan, he asked who was a neighbour to the man in need. A man replied, ‘The one who had mercy on him’. Today, millions of asylum seekers are displaced and held in refugee camps, traumatised and without hope. Anglicare Sydney and Fervr are responding by encouraging youth groups to hold a Take Love event. Anglicare’s Luke Davie chats about how youth like you can be involved and make a difference. 

1) Luke, what is Take Love?

Take Love is ultimately about being a disciple of Jesus. It’s about practically taking the incredible love that God has given us to anyone who needs it. God calls us to love and serve our neighbour. Through Jesus’ death and resurrection he taught us that real love should be an invested love that is courageous and self-sacrificial. We can show this love each and every day by loving our neighbour as ourselves.

2) Why focus on asylum seekers?

Asylum seekers are our neighbours in need. They have escaped persecution and as a result, have a history of trauma. Once they arrive on Australian shores they are often subject to detention which is sometimes incredibly long. Even when they are released into the community they face a range of hardships. God loves the vulnerable and so should we.

3) What are you hoping to see happen as a result of this event?

We want to see a generation of young Christians who care about people. We want to see a generation that are practically taking God’s love to those who need it most. We don’t want this to be a one-off event that is exciting for a moment and then forgotten about—we want this to be the turning point in many young peoples’ lives where they decide to live a life that reflects the love that God has poured out on them.

4) How can Fervr readers run a Take Love event? And where will it take place?

You can run a Take Love event in your youth group, your school or your Christian group. We are encouraging you to ‘host’ your own event wherever you are. Once you’ve registered, we’ll send you a whole bunch of resources including videos, Bible studies, prayer points and much more! It doesn’t need to be a big deal, it can be whatever and wherever suits your group best.

5) Take Love goes for the whole of June. Does that mean youth groups have to hold an event every day/week for that month?

You have the freedom to host your Take Love event whenever works best for you. Refugee week will be held from Sunday 15 June to Saturday 21 June 2014 and World Refugee Day is on Friday 20 June. This could be a great time to run your event. But, we want as many groups as possible praying for asylum seekers and refugees, so if another time or another month works best for you, then go for it!

6) Where can I go for more information and to register?

Head over to takelove.com.au

7) How can we be praying for asylum seekers?

There is so much we can be praying for. But ultimately, pray for the millions of asylum seekers and displaced people globally. Pray that God would protect them and show himself to them as the true place of refuge. Pray that God would walk with them and give them hope and a future.

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