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Sex, money, and me

by Dave Miers

Everyone has a god. We all worship someone or something. Our hearts are prone to turning good things into god things. We create all sorts of idols that distract us from worshipping the Real God.

For many of us our default mode is the worship of SELF – we rebel against God’s rule over us and in doing so we make much of ourselves, heaping glory and honour upon the centre of the universe… me.

Another dominant god, obvious in a super-rich country, is the desire to worship STUFF – toys, gadgets, properties, cars, clothes, things and it’s really clear that many bow their knee to this god in their mad rush to accumulate more and more.

I don’t need to quote statistics on pornography or divulge the details of what is constantly going through the mind of a 16 year old boy to make the point that SEX is considered the ultimate god among many people – the desire for it, pursuit of it and preoccupation with it shows the object of our worship.

Two questions for you:

  1. If we all worship someone or something, who or what are YOU worshipping?
  2. How do I know who the REAL God is??? (Stay tuned for part 2)

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