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Satisfaction guaranteed

Trying to find joy in your life, but don't know where to start looking?

Where do you get your satisfaction? Parties, shopping, friends, your girlfriend or boyfriend?

Fervr had a chat with the always amusing Dave Miers, the upcoming speaker at RICE rally and youth pastor at St Faith’s Anglican Church Narrabeen, about the pitfalls of temporary satisfaction.

We asked Dave to tell us why he is so passionate about helping teens find real satisfaction. Here's some of what he said:

I’m desperate to urge teenagers to see the foolishness in investing in something that only lasts for a breath, that only lasts for a vapour. 

Ultimately, true and lasting satisfaction comes only in and through the Lord Jesus Christ, and it’s a satisfaction that’s not just about here and now, it’s not just about a temporary satisfaction, but ultimately it’s about an eternal satisfaction that is found in knowing the one who made us and knowing the one who has died for us.

In John 4, Jesus talks to the Samaritan woman about the water in the well. He tells her that all who drink the water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks the water that he gives, will never be thirsty again.

So I think ultimately what Jesus offers is water that truly satisfies and truly quenches a thirst, not just for here and now, for the instant, but for eternity.

If it is true that Jesus is so satisfying, why do most of us end up looking elsewhere?

I think we’re in a culture of instant gratification. We’re used to getting things immediately. We have fast food. We have fast internet connections. We’ve got fast downloads.

Another reason is living in a hyper-visual society versus not being able to physically see Jesus or eternal life.

We seek after those temporary things because we can see them and they’re there in front of us and they’re attractive to the eye.

So Dave, how is it possible for anyone to find satisfaction in Jesus?

We need to take a step back and look at eternity and keep our eyes fixed on Jesus. Look back to what he has done on the cross for us two thousand years ago.

We need to admit that we’ve sought satisfaction in places other than Him and pray for His help in finding fulfilment only in Him.

Teenagers today are finding satisfaction in things such as relationships, quick thrills, and experiences such as travel, parties, music festivals, sex, drugs and alcohol. This is a problem for two reasons. One: they miss the real source of satisfaction. Two: they settle for second best. "We were made for much more".

Dave will be speaking at RICE rally this year. He said he wants to convince Christian teenagers that their faith in Jesus is an eternal investment. He also wants to challenge those who aren’t yet Christians to think about what their hope is in. “I want to urge them to put their hope in Jesus. I want them to see that He is really the one that brings lasting satisfaction through trusting in His death and His resurrection which guarantees the life to come for ever with Him.”