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Red light, green light

by Kelly Carlson

If you have ever attended primary school or summer camp, you are probably familiar with the game, “Red Light, Green Light.” The players, or racers, stand on one side of a field or room, with the caller on the other side. When the caller yells “Green light!” the racers run towards the caller as fast as they can. When the caller yells “Red light!” everyone must halt. Now, the really advanced game-players may even include “Yellow Light!” and you can guess what this means. Go slow. Everyone is a winner, so long as they eventually reach the caller. When all have arrived, the race is done.

Green light!

We can all recall seasons in our lives where God seemed clear. In such times, we sense the Father’s presence, thanks to His peace and evidenced goodness. God’s voice is nearly audible. “Green Light!” Everything flows with unexpected ease and we wonder how we could have have doubted God before. In Green Light seasons, we race forward towards the Lord with a sense of security and fearlessness.

Red light!

In this world, however, and especially for those whom love God, Red Light seasons are either more frequent, or simply harder to forget. During such times, we feel stuck and insecure. We’re unsure for our future, frightened, and tempted to question if God is truly near. It feels like God doesn’t care at all. It feels like we are being punished or abandoned. In Red Light seasons, it doesn’t feel like we are racing forward towards the Lord or anything good at all. There is an overall sense of failure.

Yellow light!

When we are not in a season of racing forward or feeling frozen stuck, we are in a Yellow Light season. In the midst of mundane, everyday life, we desire to run forward. We wish to go faster, but questions fester, doubt slows us, and while we certainly do not halt completely, we become our worst enemy. I should be going faster than this. This doubt is slowing me down. God must be angry with me. We prepare ourselves to hear “Red Light,” because we’ve not raced perfectly. In Yellow Light seasons, we move forward slowly. Only as we do, shame-filled doubt weighs around our ankles. We doubt God, our selves, and our worthiness.

We are the racers

In the game, “Red Light, Green Light,” the racers never question why the caller says what he/she does. Red, green, or yellow; this is determined by the caller whose role it is to choose the pace of the race. All the racers need to do is listen and obey accordingly.

In what season do you find yourself, today? Specifically, in your relationship with the Lord, are you racing fast and smooth? Do you feel stuck? Are you in a season of doubt and over self-thought? In whichever season you find yourself, remember who your Caller is. Remember who God says you are. Remember God determines the season you are in. Your role is to listen and to obey.

Talk to your friends about the seasons you are in. Race together and encourage one another. Remember, the race is not against one another, but towards God. Everyone has the opportunity to win, so long as the aim is only to reach the Caller.

Tools to win

Equip yourself for every season of the race, by becoming familiar with God’s Word for each one.

GREEN LIGHT: Philippians 3:7,8; Hebrews 12:1,2; Titus 3:4,5;

RED LIGHT: Joshua 1:9; Psalm 27:14; 1 Peter 3:12,13;

YELLOW LIGHT: Psalm 63:1; Hebrews 10:22,23; James 1:2-4

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