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New Year’s Resolutions

What's going to change in your life this year?

New Year’s Day is a perfect time for a fresh start. It’s one of the less busy times of the year as everyone recovers from Christmas. Many people are on holidays and have time to reflect and to think about things, and of course, to make new year’s resolutions.

What’s your new year’s resolution going to be? I know I really should hit the gym more regularly in 2012. Though the temptation to hit the chocolate is a strong one (here’s a hint: if you’re on a diet, stay away from the bottom drawer in my office). Should I resolve to spend more time catching up with old friends, read more books, climb Mount Everest? I don’t think that last one is a realistic goal for this year. Maybe next year.

So what are you going to do in 2012?

Here’s a suggestion. In 1 Corinthians 2:1-5, Paul said to the Corinthians “When I came to you, brothers, I did not come with eloquence or superior wisdom as I proclaimed to you the testimony about God. For I resolved to know nothing while I was with you except Jesus Christ and him crucified. I came to you in weakness and fear, and with much trembling. My message and my preaching were not with wise and persuasive words, but with a demonstration of the Spirit’s power, so that your faith might not rest on men’s wisdom, but on God’s power.”

Paul resolved to let nothing get in the way of telling people about Jesus. This would be a very worthy New Year’s resolution - to tell your friends, family, neighbours, anyone who will listen about Jesus. To live your life in such a way that nothing can get in the way of introducing people to the saviour king.

Now’s the time to make the resolution. Now’s the time to make preparations. Now’s the time to be ready. Read some good Christian books. Attend a training course. Practice on a Christian friend. Do whatever you need to do to tell people that Jesus is the promised one of God and that he died to save us from the punishment we deserve.

In 2012, make a New Year’s resolution that will make an impact for the kingdom.