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My road to stardom

Faith tells her story of leaving the past behind, and getting excited about shining out the love of Jesus.

It was a cool evening in the beginning of October. I had just started my freshman year of college.

There I was standing at the water’s edge with fifteen other young women. We were at a retreat, looking into the ocean, dreaming of what God had in store for each of our futures.

It had been an emotional day for me. I had just given my testimony about how God had protected me in my high school years from entering into a potentially harmful relationship. Flashbacks of that time overwhelmed me. As my eyes took in the last few rays of sunlight that touched the ocean as it set for the evening, I realized that I was in need of something.

Dreaming about the future God had planned for me was fun and exciting, but part of me felt like I was being held back by something. What I was in search of was healing and restoration, the only things that could come from a loving Father.

After giving my testimony, I was met by the leader of the retreat, Christina DiMari, author of Cultivating Pearls. Christina came up to me and told me that a part of God’s perfect plan for my life was to provide me with freedom from the past and its trials and disappointments.

She grabbed my hands and looked into my eyes and said, “Faith, you were designed by God to shine brightly for others”. I have not been the same since that night, for now I have made it my priority to shine for other young women so they may see God in me and want to live for Him as well. 

You see, once I understood that I could make an impact on others for God's sake, I knew what kind of star I wanted to be. Not a big celebrity, but someone who would shine the love of Jesus through my words and actions.

Just as Christina said to me, I want to say to you that YOU were designed to shine. No matter what circumstances you find yourself in, or what you have done, God has created you for a purpose that only you can live out. 

Forget what people have said about you in the past and the labels they have tried to put on you. Live for God today. Don’t be afraid to stand out for Him. Whatever career aspirations you have, make it a point to edify and glorify Him in all that you do (Col. 3:8). Use the gifts, talents, and resources that He has made available to you to pour out his love to others. 

Once you start shining for God, you may actually find that others notice something different about you and want to come to know how and why you are able to shine so bright. Never turn down an opportunity to lead them to Jesus, the Ultimate Light.

Once they get connected to the Ultimate Light they, too, will be able to shine for others and it will just continue on until one day there are no dark corners on this earth.

That sounds way better to me than a private jet or VIP status? But it’s up to you. Are you ready to set out on the road to stardom?