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Jesus is my favourite

... above my mates, parents and even my wife!

Who is your favourite person?

Your brother?
Best friend?

I got married in April. So I’m probably supposed to say that my favourite person is my wife. But she’s not. As great as she is – I asked her to marry me, so I like her quite a lot – she’s not my favourite. As great as my best man is – he flew from Scotland for the wedding – he’s not my favourite either.

I like people who are good to me. And I especially like people who are good to me even when I’m not good to them. 

It’s easy to be good to people who are good to you. But people who are good even when I am bad, that’s taking it to the next level.

We all have tendencies that we know all too well are brutally offensive to the God who made us. But while my wife doesn’t see all the bad stuff in me, Jesus does.  

My wife couldn't die to save me from all that I've done wrong against God. 

My best man didn’t choose to leave heaven to come to earth to die in my place for my sins as my substitute.

But Jesus did.

That's why he’s my favourite.