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Is God calling your phone?

Using your mobile for the glory of God

The power of the phone

I recently got myself a new Optus pre-paid turbo charged sim card. Amongst other things it allows me unlimited text messages to anyone on any network in Australia.

This has significantly optimized my ability to encourage people with my phone. I’m not perfect but here are some of the ways I’m using my phone for the glory of God.

How to use your phone for God:

Text messages: With unlimited texts to any network it is easy to text lots of people. To that end I have set up some groups on my phone. Each week I send a Bible verse to everyone in my bible study group (21) and to church friends back in Normanhurst (10). Then I have 4 other encouragement groups (22 people each) which I will send a Bible text to on a monthly rotation (1 group per week). That means in any given month I will hopefully encourage AT LEAST 119 of my Christian brothers and sisters.

Phone Calls: That is an obvious one. A personal phone call is always nice. I try to call my Mum back home once a week.

Alarms: Aside from my wake-up alarm, I have alarms that go off every day to help me in my own godliness. It works because I always have my phone in my pocket or nearby.

  1. “Read the Bible!” Alarm: It goes off 5 minutes after my wake-up alarm so that the first thing I do is read God’s word.
  2. “Remember Jesus” Alarm: It goes off at 9:30am to help me keep my eyes fixed on Jesus. Remembering what he has done is important (check out 2 Timothy 2:8).
  3. “Thanks” Alarm: Goes off at 3:13pm and wherever I am, whatever I am doing I spend 30 seconds giving thanks for the things around me. It is a great reminder that everything I have is a gift from God.
  4. “Prayer” Alarm: This one goes off at 5:45pm and when it does I stop and pray for my family.

Bible: If you have an iPhone/Smart Phone get a Bible app. It is an easy way do your own Bible reading and to have a Bible on you when people ask you questions about Jesus. I use it on my iPod Touch all the time.

Feel free to use any of these ideas if it will help you be more godly. Otherwise adapt them or be creative and come up with your own. We all have mobile phones now, why not use it for the glory of God.

Got any other ideas? Share them below!